PC Games Board Rules [IMPORTANT]

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PC Games Board Rules [IMPORTANT]

Post by AnYoNe Da K!nG on Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:51 am

Not respecting the rules below + the main forum rules will end in a forum warning for you which depends on severity/how many rules you broke.
1. No shitposting.
2. No discussion of other servers (this board isn't even supposed to be related to MTA)
3. Cheat engines/hacks are to be discussed in private amongst each other
4. No "FREE DOWNLOADS" of games unless it's legitimately free on something like Steam/GOG/Origin/etc.
5. You are allowed to post video's of your own gameplay. Just don't spam the board, make a single topic for it or something.
6. Any kind of hacks/cheat engines links are not allowed.
7. Pay attention to forum rule 2. If you must share torrents then do it in private.
8. If your post hasn't been posted in for 15 days it will be locked. PM a moderator to unlock it again if you want to.

New rules might get added in the future. Feel free to PM a mod/post here new rules you think that are appropriated to our board.

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