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Post by AnYoNe Da K!nG on Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:00 pm

This Event Board

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I recognize there are really nice suggestions in this board and people would love to see them be executed in some way. I need to lay down some sad reality. The focus of Community Event Managers is to ensure entertainment for CIT players as well as improving the Event Management system by adding new tools or revisions to make the overall process easier. That way we can have more variety in events and not have to turn down suggestions because we don't have the power necessary to fulfill it.

It will be a very slow process but it's better to have new things slowly added than nothing at all.

Rules of this board:

- Do not post completely useless posts anywhere in this ministry, they will be deleted.
- If you make a suggestion, it must not include a poll.
- Temporary: No suggestions that require new scripts to be added.
- No more than 2 open suggestions at the same time.
- You may see certain tags on topics like [C] or [A].
[C] = Closed suggestion
[A] = Accepted suggestion
- You cannot re-suggest a closed idea unless approved by a CEM or something significant has changed that would make the suggestion better.
- Unless specified by the topic creator, you are not allowed to vote on suggestions (as in, you only post to say upvote/downvote).

The Event Management Code

Being an event manager is fun, yes. Though, a lot of the features given to you are ridiculously abuseable. I expect a level of trust in CEM's even more than people can trust staff. With that said, think of this as an oath of event standards that you are expected to uphold.

You understand that you may be banned at any time for abuse of your powers.
You reserve the right to kick anyone from an event you make, at any time, for any reason. It's your event, after all.
You agree to use your powers as intended and not cause grief for others in their normal activities.

You can reply to this topic if:
You have a rule suggestion/modification.
You have a suggestion/modification to the 'Event Management Code'.

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