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Post by AnYoNe Da K!nG on Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:08 pm

In this thread section, you can get some support, which we may be able to help you on.



** There might not be an answer for your question since we do not know everything. **

Before posting here in this board, there are few tips must be followed:

Before asking something:

Browse the forum, use the search feature, be sure that your question hasn't been answered already to somebody else.
Make sure this is the right section to post it, not everything belongs to support.
If it's about mods or things like "how to make skins/how to put mods" bla bla should be asked here or simply make a topic on business board and make a request for your skin.

Topic Title:

Topic title should not be "help" "Please help me" Or "Problem" as a title. Make the title related to what you are going to ask! Otherwise your topic will be locked and you will be warned for breaking rule #4 of the forum.

How to question:

Try to explain what you are asking and be clear on what your problem is, otherwise, we can't help you.
Make a detailed description of your problem so that other players may be able to understand it and reply with a decent answer. Also, try to provide us a video or screenshot for your problem, so we can know it.

How to answer:

Answering a question means that you're actually going to help the one asking the question. If you are on this board just to farm posts with stupid answers like "Download a gamebooster, this will work 100%" which is not helping at all, then please, don't bother posting here. Try to give a good answer and do not just answer with, "Like everyone said" or "I was gonna say what X already said". Answering like this will get you warned for breaking forum rule #4 and your post will be deleted. Also, don't bother whining in topics made by other players like: "Pls, I have this same problem". No one is interested if you're facing the same problem. You can wait for new answers for the question or you can make a new topic if you think your problem is different. DO NOT REPLY IF YOU ARE NOT ABOUT TO HELP THE ONE ASKING THE QUESTION. However, if it has been asked by a moderator to reply something like this, then it may be done.
If you are here to answer other players' questions try to give a good answer and do not just answer with, "Like everyone said" or "I was gonna say what people already said". If the answer you were going to give has already been given, then do not post unless you actually have something to add to further help the person who needs it.


At first, you should pay attention to the question itself. Think and give a proper comprehensive answer. Do not rush with this thought "I must be the first one to reply in this topic". If you have no idea about the subject in that topic, then do not try to give answers such as "Just use google". If a post has been made while you were making a reply, then you will get a notification after you've tried to click on "Post". If you get this notification, scroll down and check what's said in the reply. Always read what has been stated there and if the same thing was mentioned there, what you were about to post, then do not reply the same thing.

Trying to swell an existing answer:

Only answer the question, do not try to copy another one's answer and then add something which has nothing to do with the question. If the question only requires a link or is just simple, one reply is enough. If the link has already been given, then do not reply there with the link and then try to swell your answer by explaining something which can be found by clicking the link.

When the one asking a question is not following the board rules:

1.If someone is asking a question and it has been answered. Then you notice the topic title says "Help me". You can see that the answer has been stated there. You know that board rules have been broken with the "Help me" title. Your job is NOT to say "You must change your topic title" or "Edit the topic title" because this will be handled by the board moderators.
2.You aren't allowed to edit your post once there is another post after you, if you did, your post will be deleted and you will be warned for breaking Forum rule #1, no matter, even if it is/was a typo mistake you corrected by editing your post. You can edit it only when there is no another post after yours.
3.Do not reply with 'Your question is not related to server, go to MTA Forum / X website and get help there.' Unless you are giving a link to the problem solution (where there will be written the solution, not that he should go and seek for help there) is fine, else do not post. Violating this rule will lead into forum warning level for breaking rule #4/#1.

Summing up the rules again:

When starting a topic, make the title subject your current problem. It should not be 'Problem' 'Help me' else your topic will be locked and you will be warned for breaking forum rule #4.
Giving the same answer isn't allowed, doing so will warn you breaking forum rule #6.
Useless answers aren't allowed, doing so will warn you for breaking forum rule #4.
If your topic was locked without comment, then the correct answer is the answer that was left.
Answering after the starter required a lock will get you warned, depends, if the answer is useless or no.
Any attempt to farm post will be stopped and will get you warned or banned.
Answering ''Change the topic title' will get you warned for breaking forum rule #4.
Editing your post after someone's reply will get you warned for breaking forum rule #1.
Note: When your problem is solved, modify your first post and put [Solved] there so we can know if your problem is solved. Quote the post which helped you to solve your problem so we can know how it was solved.

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