Board Rules and Format

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Board Rules and Format

Post by AnYoNe Da K!nG on Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:10 pm


You must post the full conversation / argument if the complaint is about flaming, trolling or similar.
You must use a format otherwise your complaint will be locked.
You must provide proof ( Pictures are prefered over logs, videos, MTA logs .. ) of what you are complaining about.
You cannot post here if you are not one of the complained players or involved with the complaint in any way.
'' Sorry for post... here but '' No, you will be instantly warned, as mentioned above.
You cannot post senseless topics about how horrible a person is.
You can't post "Forgot Password" complaints.
You can't post Ban appeals
You can't post complaints if people copy your profile picture.
You can't post Punishment Appeals, if you think it was unfair and an actual mistake, contact the staff in question.
You cannot post complaints where they called you '' Noob, nab or nib '' or similar as it's petty, trivial and minor.
You can only report for FMSG complaints when people advertise other servers, for excessive insult/flame and racism.
Do not use background music in any video proof that is submitted
DO NOT edit or manipulate screenshots (hiding things with a black box, highlighting insults with red boxes, etc) or modify anything in logs (same as before) while making a complaint or else your complaint will be denied and you could face a punishment.

Advice: We recommend posting just the link to the screenshot in question, rather than posting a big screenshot which takes up the whole complaint. Use to upload your screenshots and then link us to the proof.

Advice_2: I also recommend you use [ Language Tags ] to let Staff know what language the complaint is in ( if insults, advertisements etc ). That way we can resolve the complaint more quickly and more effectively.

Example: Show content

Warning: We remind you that you are not allowed to post in any complaint if you are not involved in any way what so ever. You must also use a format, not using a format could mean your complaint being locked.

Note: When complaining someone who doesn't lose health ( Health Bug ) or has Network Trouble, please record a video because a screenshot is not sufficient proof to determine wether or not they lose health normally, or not. Screenshots for complaints where people do not lose health or have NT are insufficient, so please record a video.

Note_2: Make your complaint worth the effort and our life easier by providing as much valid proof as possible, doing so will more likely result in a quick and satisfying resolution to the complaint.

Below it's explained how to post the complaint, accompanied by the format which must be used.

Topic title must be: "Complaint - offender's name - Reason".

Example: '' Complaint - Dimit - Griefing''

Code: [Select]
Your in-game name(WITH TAGS):
Your account name:
Your ingame group:
Your ingame squad:
Your MTA serial (required):
The rule(s) this player has broken:
Name of the complained player(s):
Around what time did this incident occur? (Include time-zone & date):
Detailed explanation of what happened:
What language is used (if any):
Proof (Full-screen screenshots or videos):
Why you used the forum instead of reporting them in-game:

Note_3: If it is a FORUM complaint, please LINK the offending persons account with a link to their profile. That way, complaints can be taken care of much quicker.


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Scamming Complaints

Since there's alot of players being scammed, L5's have decided to set a minimum amount of scammed money that will be refunded to the player who got scammed.

This means:
You won't get refunded if you lost money due to a server crash.
You will only get refunded if you got scammed or when you got hacked (ARM's scope of duty.)
You will only get refunded if the amount of the scammed money is greater than $500,000.

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