[MUST READ] When making an administrative complaint

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[MUST READ] When making an administrative complaint

Post by AnYoNe Da K!nG on Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:11 pm

What you can post here:

Any complaint against an administrator.

Complaint must have a base argument and a supporting fact, in case of inability to obtain supporting facts, you must have a strong base argument.
Topic title has to be: " Complaint - [CIT]<staff name>
In case it is about a punishment you cannot make an administrative complaint before appealing it on the right board.
You can only make an administrative complaint for serious abuse.
You must provide your account name and serial ( Launch MTA > Press F8 > Type "serial" > Copy & paste it here)
You must provide VALID proof/evidence in your complaint against the admin, else you'll have nothing to backup your argument, and your complaint should be deemed invalid.
You can only post here if you are involved, otherwise you will be warned.
In case it is about a ban you cannot make an administrative before appealing it, if it was denied then make a 2nd opinion appeal, remember you must wait the original intended time gap before making your 2nd opinion appeal.

If you don't bother to read and follow these rules then we are not even going to read your complaint hence it will be directly locked.

More to be added

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