[READ ME] Guidelines to this board

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[READ ME] Guidelines to this board

Post by AnYoNe Da K!nG on Sat Jun 25, 2016 10:10 pm

General chat overview

This is one of the most "free" boards on the server and we intend on keeping it that way. However there must be a small variety of rules as to keep this board clean.

We've had to go through aching hours locking and reading through garbage topics suchas "unfair community bye." where the person returns within days - just trying to cause a bit of drama. Or like 15 leaving topics whereby the person got xCM. Therefore to stop this utter madness we have devised some rules that every member of the CIT forum must follow in order to not get their post deleted/locked. We want you to be able to enjoy this topic and have a nice freedom of speech - but without it being abused so you can gather a load of shit-posts.

You should not be warned here for anything excluding the following rules

Guidelines we strongly recommend you follow:

If you post about other games than CIT/MTA, please use this board.
Do not ask MTA or CIT related issues on this board. Use the General Support topic, it's there for a pretty good reason. You may not try and appeal/ask questions about punishments here either.
Flaming one another or moaning about something that doesn't need moaning about here is totally unacceptable. You'll quickly find nobody cares. Unless it's a debate over an update you're not sure about (as long as it isn't "what a shit update") don't post it.
Making leaving topics because you lost your xCM or got denied for staff/got banned will be instantly locked. It's your own ignorant fault for losing it and nobody here wants to know about it. Take it to the Minister of Fairness if you're not happy about it.
Quoting something using a brand new topic will be instantly locked, use the quote board topic.
Posting more than 3 topics will have every single one locked unless one of them are incredibly popular. Nobody wants your spam.
Follow every relevant forum rule given here.
Do not advertise your group here. Use the community groups board (unless it's a video about your group in which case sure).
Links to any disgusting/controversial/pornographic material will be instantly locked/removed and the poster may likely receive a warning. This includes: racism/bullying/homophobia and ridicule against another member.
If your topic receives less than 10 replies within 2 weeks, it will be locked as it shall be deemed redundant and obviously no longer popular.
If your topic doesn't have a new reply 7 days after the last one, it will be locked as it's a dead or forgotten about topic.
Do not use the quote board as a means of getting back at somebody you dislike, or simply being passively aggressive, the comment/quote will be removed. Keep your tantrums at the complaints and fairness boards.
If the user is banned his/her topic will be locked.
Posting something that'll literally crash/lag somebody's PC will get you BANNED.

Please note these rules are not here to rain all over the board, they're primarily here to keep it clean.

NOTE: If you want your topic unlocked PM the board moderator.

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